Worship and Music

Worship at Saint Andrew’s is a major element that binds our lives together in shared ministry. We have many musical and verbal talents that are utilized each week to praise and thank God for all that he has given us. We listen to his scripture and inspired sermons for both the child and adult. We are blessed with music from one of our choirs. We corporately and individually pray to our Lord asking blessings on us and especially on those in need. All are invited to come to the altar rail to receive the communion sacrament and offer prayer. In Lent and Advent, we have midweek services to focus on the meaning of the season.

For those desiring a quiet, meditative place during worship times, the Church Library offers comfortable seating and a variety of printed materials to stimulate and nurture your spiritual growth, and support you in your time of need. You may listen to the worship service in the Library through the speaker system.

Parents of wiggly children often find respite in the Children’s corner of the Library, where books for toddlers provide a welcome short break from worship services.

Sunday Worship Service Times
8:30 am and 11:00 am
Worship with Holy Communion

Musical Opportunities

CHANCEL CHOIR — The Chancel Choir is at the historic core of the music program at Saint Andrew’s. It has existed since 1956, encompassing 10 directors. Directed by Kenneth DeJong since 1988, they sing weekly at worship. In addition, the choir sings for seasonal services and concerts. Collaborations and exchanges with other church choirs have been a part of the variety of its participation and leadership.

HANDBELL CHOIR — The Handbell Choir at Saint Andrew’s has a tradition that extends back to the 1980’s. They play five octaves of handbells and three octaves of handchimes. The adult choir plays about twice each month, enhancing Sunday morning worship. A recently developed youth handbell ensemble plays several times each year, much to the delight of all who watch and listen. Both ensembles are under the directorship of Scott Barker.

KIDS MUSIC PROGRAM — The Kids Music Program focuses on children, grades 1-5. They practice weekly during the school year, and perform at a worship service, twice each month. The kids spend much of the year learning songs and rehearsing for their Annual Musical, which is held each spring. The director of the Kids Choir is Marie Bean, a musician with rich experiences in children’s church music programs.

MAD CAMP — MAD Camp (Music, Art, Drama) is a summer weeklong program for kids. Open to those entering the 5th grade to those entering the 8th grade, it is designed to explore a variety of the arts through hands-on experience. They get an exposure to some elements of all three each day. It is designed to run on the same days of Vacation Bible School, beginning early afternoon and ending at about 5pm. Drama classes may include exploration in areas such as improvisation, mime, story telling, and character development. Fine arts may deal with a variety of textures, media, and colors. Music time can range from an every-day ensemble (in which all students played some kind of instrument) to a singular focus on rhythm one day and a field trip on another afternoon. Class sessions are short to keep student interest and energy to a maximum. There is a modest cost for registration and tuition.

SAINT ANDREW’S ORCHESTRA — The Saint Andrew’s Orchestra began in 1999 with the growing awareness of instrumental musicians in the congregation. Playing to a delighted congregation, they assemble as a complete group about three times per year. Its participation ranges from 20 – 35, with a wide variety of experience and skill levels.

There are ample opportunities for participation in other instrumental ensembles, including a woodwind choir and a brass choir.

OUR PIPE ORGAN — Saint Andrew’s is pleased to be the home of a wonderful pipe organ. It was built under contract by the Reuter Organ Company in Lawrence, KS, and installed in February 1992. Its three divisions – two manual and one pedal – contains 16 stops and 19 ranks. Hailed for its flexibility, it is heard regularly on Sunday mornings and in concerts and recitals, as well as in other church events.