Saint Andrew’s Youth Ministry is:

Youth Ministry is integral part of life at Saint Andrew’s. The faith and involvement of the youth in the church is a reflection on the health of the congregation as a whole. At Saint Andrew’s we work to create an environment where kids can learn, grow and walk in their Christian faith. Youth Ministry is focused on kids from kindergarten through high school. Time is spent nurturing their faith, building relationships and having fun together. There are three youth groups, split by grade levels. Those groups are:

MINI SAINTS (K-2nd grade) — Mini-Saints is a group designed to give younger members a taste of Youth Ministry. The Mini-Saints get together for an event once every couple of months. Parents are asked to attend all events with their children. This group is a good introduction to youth ministry. It is an opportunity for kids to socialize with each other outside of the Sunday Church School classroom, and for parents to get to know each other as well.

JUNIOR SAINTS (3rd-5th grade) — The Junior Saints meet together once a month for devotions and a fun event. This is a group with high energy, who are always ready to have fun! Examples of events we have done with the Junior Saints are: bowling, visiting the Pacific Science Center, playing in the snow at Snoqualmie Pass, game nights, theme parties, and baking cookies to bring to a Senior Living Center. The Junior Saints youth group is a good place for kids to begin learning more about their faith and how to live as a Christian in their daily lives.

YUTOH (6th-8th grade) — The Yutoh group meets for Bible Study and a fun event once a month, and they attend two retreats each year. This group is involved in community service. They serve dinners quarterly to homeless and lower income individuals through the Saint Andrew’s Hot Meal Program. A Leadership Team that consists of two adults and nine Yutoh youth plan and implement the monthly activities. The Yutoh youth group is a place where kids continue to grow in their faith, begin to do more in-depth Bible studies, and learn to deal with daily life as a Christian middle-schooler.

HIGH SCHOOL (9th-12th grade) — The High School youth group meets for Bible Study and a fun event at least once a month. This youth group participates in a fall retreat and in the ELCA Holden Village Weekends in the spring. During the summer, the high school students have the opportunity to serve in a Summer Service Event. A High School Leadership Team that consists of two adults and nine High School youth plan and implement the monthly activities for this youth group. The High School Youth Group is a place where kids often discover their talents and have the opportunity to use them within the parish setting. The kids also delve deeper in their faith, exploring the Bible, building close friendships and supporting one another as they begin to find their independence.